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Contact: Jack Egerton - Director
email: jack@echology.co.uk
phone: 01248 208747

“Jack has worked with me on projects in Mauritania and Gabon where he has provided specialist services to help determine the relative importance of areas for fishing, fisheries and epibenthic vegetation (including seagrass).  He delivers on time and on budget and is more than capable of operating in difficult and remote locations. It has been a pleasure working him and I look forward to having the opportunity of working with him again soon.”
Dr Lynne Barratt – Environmental Consultant

Welcome to Echology Ltd. We are an environmental consultancy focussed on the acoustic mapping and monitoring of marine and aquatic resources (hydroacoustics).
Our hydroacoustic surveys can provide fisheries stock assessment giving the abundance, biomass and distribution of fish over the survey area. We are also highly experienced in mapping important habitats such as seagrass beds and kelp forests with acoustic technology. Echology own and operate the latest acoustic equipment (Biosonics DTX Split Beam Echosounder) and software in combination with GPS to allow the data to be analysed and presented geographically in a GIS project. Please visit the equipment page for more information.
Whilst our speciality is hydroacoustics, we can also provide a range of other marine environmental services to our clients. Please click on the Other Services page to see what we do.
Echology works on scientific research projects and also for commercial clients. We are based on The Isle of Anglesey, North Wales, but can work internationally.